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Welcome to Davis Floor Covering, where your dream home becomes a reality! Our extensive collection of countertops offers the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and style to elevate your space's look and functionality. Whether you're renovating or just looking for an upgrade, our quartz and granite countertops are sure to captivate and inspire.

Quartz countertops: elegance meets durability

Quartz countertops are a marvel of modern engineering and natural beauty, providing a versatile and resilient option for your kitchen. Quartz counters are made from one of the hardest minerals on earth and offer a compelling combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Why choose quartz countertops?

  • Durability: Quartz is highly resistant to scratches and chips, making it ideal for busy kitchens.
  • Non-porous surface: Unlike other materials, quartz doesn’t harbor bacteria or viruses, ensuring a hygienic surface.
  • Low maintenance: No sealing is required, and cleaning is a breeze with soap and water.
  • Wide variety of designs: Quartz countertops come in an array of colors and patterns, including options that mimic the look of natural stone.

Quartz countertops in action

Imagine a sleek, white quartz countertop with subtle gray veins running through it, bringing a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Not only does it withstand the rigors of daily use, but it also lights up the space with its reflective surface.

Granite countertops: timeless natural beauty

Granite countertops are the epitome of natural luxury. Each slab is unique, featuring patterns created over thousands of years. Renowned for their durability and distinctive appearance, granite kitchen countertops are a favorite for homeowners seeking a touch of nature in their homes.

Why choose granite countertops?

  • Unique beauty: No two granite slabs are alike, giving your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Heat resistant: Granite can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for kitchens.
  • Durability: A long-lasting option, granite resists scratches and chips.
  • Adds value to your home: Granite countertops are a sought-after feature for homebuyers.
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Granite countertops in action

Envision a rich, earth-toned granite countertop with a complex pattern of interlocking crystals, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Its rugged durability stands up to culinary challenges, while its natural elegance remains evergreen.

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Our collection of quartz and granite countertops caters to every taste and kitchen style. With their unique benefits, both materials offer something special. Quartz delivers modern elegance and practicality, while granite brings the irreplaceable charm of natural stone. Visit Davis Floor Covering to find the perfect bathroom or kitchen countertop that will transform your home into a space of beauty and functionality. Our showroom in Fort Smith, Arkansas, serves Fort Smith, Arkansas, Springdale, Arkansas, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Van Buren, Arkansas, and Stilwell, Oklahoma. Reach out to us today!

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