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Kid-Proof, Pet-Proof Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Pets & Kids? First of all, there are no hard and fast rules — there is no unspoken ban on installing carpet with kids and/or pets in the home. Thousands of pet owners and kid-parents have done it and are happy with their choices. A lot depends on your pet, your kids' ages, and your cleaning habits and preferences. If you have well-behaved, mature pets, and you own a good, powerful vacuum that you’re happy to use each week, then it’s quite possible to mix pets with carpet. If your children are old enough...

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Solid vs Engineered Hardwood: What’s the Difference?

Times have changed from when manufacturers, marketers and even some homeowners considered engineered wood to be sub-par. Now, engineered wood comprises a majority share of the wood floor market. Truthfully, neither can be called the outright "best." Each type of wood flooring has its strengths and weaknesses, and deciding which is best for you really depends on your needs and circumstances. Here's a breakdown of the main differences between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring. The Basics of Hardwood Floor Types Engineered wood flooring is a layered product made of actual hardwood sliced very thinly on top of a base of...

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Carpet Fibers and Pile Cuts

Two characteristics of carpet are primary considerations when choosing a carpet: the type of natural or synthetic fiber used in the construction, and the pile — how the loops of fiber are attached to the carpet backing. These characteristics determine the comfort of the carpet, how it feels underfoot, and its wear characteristics. There are many types of fiber used in carpet, but the most common are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and wool. Carpets are made by looping the fiber yarns through the backing material in a manner similar to how a button is sewed onto a shirt. These loops...

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